PERFECT, and memorable – are two words every couple want on their wedding day.

With modern technology, couples hold their dream wedding day with twists at par with modern trends and style.

President of the Davao Event Suppliers Association (Desa), Elinor Marcelino said that weddings conducted here in Davao City have “leveled up” from before since couples can now research what their concepts, designs, and themes from the internet.

In capturing moments

Marcelino said showing of prenup videos and photos, presentation on life timelines of the couple, tribute from family and friends of the couple in video form is now the current trend. Use of photo booth and use of video recording instead of signing on the guestbook are among the existing and newest trends in wedding receptions.

In choosing what to kind of wedding dress to wear

“Brides usually buy ready to wear wedding gowns…some also chose to be the first user of the gowns and return it to the tailor after,” Marcelino said. She added that few traditional brides still have specially tailored wedding gowns for their own keeping.

In choosing giveaways

Marcelino said that couples are now choosing to giveaway items which have special meaning to them. She added these giveaways are usually related to occupation of the couple or an event memorable for the bride or groom.

“For example couples who were doctors or someone who met at the hospital will have pen with a design of a syringe as a giveaway,” Marcelino said.

Common giveaways -- like figurines with tags or those with mini baskets or glass cups -- are almost gone. Usually couples these days improvise to a more personalized and even useful give-away like ballpens, refrigerator magnets and the like.

In entertaining guests

Marcelino said that weddings nowadays highly prioritize the comfort of guests with the existence of cocktails while waiting for the bride and groom, which may also come with an orchestra or band.

She added that while it was observed before that the guests leave after eating at the reception, guests, be it adult or children are now given chance to participate in fun games.

On gifts for the couple

Giving cash gifts to the groom and bride instead of pre-wrapped gifts are also widely accepted and not discouraged.

These trends are just among the many that we are seeing nowadays. In the coming years, expect more new trends to emerge that will surely make weddings more memorable.