OCTOBER is Mental Health Month. October 10 was World Mental Health Day.

Let’s talk about mental health. Many people tend to keep quiet about mental health. Some would say they have nothing to do with mental health since they are “okay.”

Many people think that having a mental health condition is something embarrassing and shameful. Many deny that they have a problem. Mental health is as important as physical health.

This is something we should think about... no more stigma and discrimination.

Mental health is for everyone. It can affect anyone. Having a mental health condition or a mental illness is having a medical condition.

Like any other medical condition, it can be managed and cured. It is okay to ask for help and seek a doctor, a psychiatrist.

Mental Health America launched a project encouraging people to share what it is like to experience mental illness. They believe that there is power in sharing. I agree. People will be educated what it feels like to be diagnosed with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or bipolar disorder. No more stigma, but more understanding, acceptance and love.

Drug addiction is another common disorder. Recovery is possible.

ere are some examples of what mental illness feels like:

Looking okay on the surface, but furiously treading water underneath

Everyone else has it together, except me

I’m in a hall of mirrors and I can’t tell which one is the “real” me

Constantly chasing a “normal” life

Missing my motivation to do stuff

There is a sinister creature that won’t leave me alone

A tug of war with yourself

I have to wear a mask every day

An elephant is sitting on your chest

Living a constant fog

A terrible sinking sensation

Not being able to get out of bed because you’re exhausted from fighting the battle for life against your brain every minute of every day

They are real. The feelings are not made up. Educate yourself. Stop discrimination against mental health. Accept, understand and love!

Be a mental health advocate instead.