THE Metro Bacolod District Jail with Special Intensive Care Unit (MBDJ-SICA) is now intensifying its greyhound operations to eliminate illegal weapons and contraband items inside the jail.

Jail warden Chief Inspector Larry Fuentes on Sunday explained they are doing this to avoid violence among inmates.

This, after two inmates were recently stabbed by their fellow inmates using an improvised bladed weapons. He said stabbing victims Ricardo Ewayan, 34, and Ryan Pasilan, 25, were already discharged from the hospital and are now inside the jail.

Fuentes said that last week, they recovered several woods from inmates.

He said though that stabbing is an isolated incident inside the jail and they are doing their best to regulate the inmates, including the visitors, to avoid the entry of contraband.

The MBDJ-SICA has a total of 728 inmates.

Fuentes also ordered all the jail officers to always monitor the inmates to avoid untoward incidents.