TOBOSO Mayor Richard Jaojoco claimed that the objections of the revisers of the petitioners have delayed the recount of votes of the 2013 elections by the San Carlos City Regional Trial Court (RTC).

Jaojoco said that the camp of his opponent, Luisa Dela Cruz, would often object during the recount of votes in cases of straight voting and over shading of the ballots by the voters.

The objections are baseless and are part of the delaying tactics, Jaojoco alleged.

He pointed out that it is the voter’s choice if they “voted straight” for his lineup in the 2013 elections.

“The people may have realized that we have been performing in our jobs,” he said.

Because of the objections of the petitioner’s revisers, the recount will be extended until July 6 instead of the first deadline set by the court that was supposed to be on June 26, Jaojoco added.

During the May 2013 elections, Jaojoco garnered 9,671 votes while De la Cruz got 7,813 votes.

Jaojoco had earlier claimed that Councilor Antonio Lim, an ally of De la Cruz, already withdrew his petition after he was convinced that Jaojoco's camp won the elections.

The camp of De la Cruz has also asked the court to use the UV light in the recount to make sure of the authenticity of the ballots being subjected to a recount.