THE information technology (IT) World is now abuzz with reports and accounts of artificial intelligence taking over the tasks of humans and highlighting the role of machines which can substitute humans.

AI, or artificial intelligence, is expected to displace most of the tasks peculiar to the IT business process management industry, stoking fears that AI will soon eclipse BPO employees who have trained hard to handle their tasks.

It is reported that Oracle, a global IT giant, has launched the Oracle Autonomous Database the industry's first fully automated suite of cloud platform that takes away human intervention.

This Autonomous Database includes a new technology called machine learning which looks at all of logos with IP address and UILLS and distinguishes normal behavior from abnormal and risky behavior. Additionally, autonomous automation means the database automatically provisions, upgrades, patches and backs itself up and tunes itself while running. It is claimed that since there is no visible human intervention, there is no probability or possibility of human miscalculation or error.

Big things are really happening in the technology world.

Evan Goldberg, executive vice president of Oracle and former chairman, founder and CEO of Netsuite, categorically stated that AI or the complete automation will not displace workers but just change the nature of jobs, thus it will not drastically affect the business process outsourcing industry of the Philippines which presently employs about 1.3 million

people and generates some $25 billion.

The local business processing outsourcing sector may be validly concerned about artificial intelligence taking over but other multinational cybersecurity units are convinced AI could not disrupt the local call center business in a threatening way.

Thus, Vitaly Kamluk, Director of Great APAC-Kampersky Lab argues that: There will always be a difference between humans and machines. Machines will always have their constraints. Machines may be fast in searching for information, pulling out data from difference when talking to a real human.

Besides, humans can discern and conceive ideas wanting in machines. Humans have hearts capable of compassion, forgiveness and understanding; machines don't.

It may take a long time before machines and artificial intelligence can take over all activities that humans are engaged in like Double Barrel and Operation Tokhang.