ANGELES CITY -- Mayor Edgardo Pamintuan has urged communist rebels to be patient instead of rushing the peace talks with the government.

“The Reds should show patience and not rush things. To highlight the positive accomplishments of every round of meetings rather than those to be considered and discuss in the next agenda which are presented by the left is negative,” Pamintuan said.

Pamintuan, one of the advisers to the government peace panel, issued this statement a few days after President Rodrigo Duterte met with government peace negotiators, consultants, and advisers.

The mayor said the president wants to talk with the rebels.

Secretary Jesus Dureza, Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process, declined to reveal any information on the meeting.

Malacañang has not released any statement on the matter.

Duterte on Thursday said he needs to deal with the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and end the rebel attacks against soldiers and policemen.

“I would try to talk to the enemies of the state if I can and strike a deal with the so many fronts. Then I would be referring to the Communist Party of the Philippines and the rebel, rebellion that they have so far, almost 50 years in the making. And I thought that it would be time to stop it or we fight for another 50 years,” he said.

Aside from Dureza and Pamintuan, others who attended the meeting with Duterte were Labor Secretary and government peace panel chairperson Silvestre Bello III, Assistant Secretaries Dickson Hermoso and Yeshter Baccay from the Office of the Presidential Assistant on Peace Process as well as Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) Peace Panel chair members Rene Sarmiento, Angela Trinidad, Antonio Arellano, adviser Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista, and Technical Committee members Brigadier General Raniel Ramiro and Chief Superintendent Francisco Balagtas.