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■ Cebu has had four cardinals since the Diocese of Cebu became the Cebu Archdiocese on April 28, 1934: Gabriel M. Reyes (the first), Julio Rosales, Ricardo Vidal and Jose Palma (the incumbent).

■ Reyes was from Kalibo, then a part of Capiz; Rosales, from Calbayog; Vidal, from Marinduque; and Palma, from Iloilo. Vidal, the third archbishop, loved to call himself a Cebuano and some Cebuanos said he was ”a Cebuano by choice.”

■ How many decades more would it take to have a native Cebuano as our archbishop? Each past archbishop logged in a lot of years: Reyes (15 years in Cebu, before he was promoted to Manila as its archbishop); Rosales, 33 years; and Vidal, 29 years (although he stayed in Cebu a few years longer).

Is there a rule for an archbishop not to be assigned to the city or province of his birth? If there is, then there’s no chance Cebu will have a native-born as the local Catholics’ spiritual leader.

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BRT ‘usefulness’

Cebu City Councilor Joy Pesquera says in a Facebook post that a lawyer friend of hers in Curitiba, Brazil told her that the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), which has been adopted as mass transport in this city, “has outlived its usefulness” and “was effective only for a short period of time.”

Proponents of BRT disagree with that opinion but the public can only assess the pro and con if more details are given for the claim of each side.

Joy, for example, shows only an editorial cartoon (presumably from a Brazilian paper), an opinion, to support his friend’s opinion.

Not necessarily a formal debate, but an exchange of evidence and verifiable facts will help.