IF WE are to make a survey of how many Filipinos are happy with what is happening in our country; we are in for a dismal reply. Our country is in a mess. So many are afraid that they might be the victims of unjust vexation. The culture of death and killings and violence prevail.

In the last national elections in 2017, there were candidates for president like Grace Poe, Jojo Binay, and Senator Miriam Santiago. A reluctant candidate, Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, mayor of Davao City, took a long time to finally agreed to run. Not bad for me that time. He was known as the "iron hand" mayor who disciplined his constituents, tolerating no evil among the citizens. Even speed limits were strictly enforced under pain of prosecution. Strictly no firecrackers and fireworks during Christmas season. No drugs in the city ; if they entered the city walking they will leave the city parallel to the ground , meaning they will be killed. Well and good. I have been an adopted citizen of the city since 1999 and I have no regrets.

I chose Senator Miriam Santiago as the most seasoned politician, wise, and a fighter for what is right. But her poor health hindered her from winning. President Duterte won with 19 million votes and Leni Robredo was elected as Vice President.

The elected president started with a very creditable platform. He promised to fight the drug menace, the corruption in government officials, to feed the poor sectors and attend to their needs as housing and livelihood. To make the country, a nation we can be proud of. I am impressed with these plans. But it turned sour when he tried to implement his plans with his maverick ways and egocentric attitude . Some called him a psychopath, others as a goon. He defies convention with his stance unbecoming of a true statesman and a President at that. He was for the culture of killings and violence. He instructed his military officers to kill all drug addicts, users, or providers.

Then came the EJK cases which were against the law. Offenders may be prosecuted. But always they reason out that the offenders fought it out and had to kill them in self defense. For killing, the military are paid certain amount of cash rewards. This became an issue for the CHR - council for human respect. The UN took action against this. After a year, he transferred the sole responsibility for drug prosecution cases to the PDEA. No military men should be called to help them.

Slowly the President annoyed by other agencies severed bilateral alliances with the US, EU, UK, and UN. The UN had recently excluded our country from its recognized member countries. The impulsive reactions of The President when he witnessed a group of foreign groups parading their condemnation of EJK in our country ; he ordered all ambassadors of European countries to leave our country after 24 hours. He could not do that . His spokesperson had always to explain his actions. The president does not like other countries meddling with his mode of ruling in our country. The president should remember that this republic is with a democratic system , governed by the people, with the people , and in the people. He had sworn to follow this when he took his oath.

I hope the president will realize that our country cannot stay severed from all other countries as a family of nations . No country can exist as an island alone by itself. The legislative bodies are acting like rubber stamps to all his promulgations. Executive branch where he belongs , the legislative composed of congress and senate , and the Judicial body are independent of one another.

Significant events which needed his full attention are the recently ended Marawi City siege. The complete rehabilitation of the ruined city will need huge amounts of funds for the work. All "bakwits" must be attended to specially the children for their education; parents for their livelihood. The other is the recent program for the modernization of jeepneys with the imported bigger, higher electrically fueled jeeps at a very high cost. This is manufactured in China. I hope there is no corruption involved here. The old jeeps owners are given till the end of the year to get off the streets or else they will be in prison. This can drive poor drivers crazy. Thus massive rallies are seen in the streets. Can't the government have feasibility studies on the possible solutions to this problem?

Lately the President said he is tired. He is asking citizens just to voice their demand for him to resign and he will do it. How is that again? Why not have this option , President? Let us all peaceful, honorable, just, hard working citizens like us sit down with you to discuss intelligently how to save our country. In unity we will have strength.

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