A MAN believed to be suffering from nervous breakdown died after he was shot to death by a policeman, whom he also hacked at Hacienda Rosarito, Barangay Caridad in Bago City, Negros Occidental Sunday, October 22.

Senior Inspector Hercules Trigue, deputy chief of Bago City Police Station, identified the fatality as Randy Lumbres, 27.

Trigue said three policemen responded to a call for assistance from the village chief when Lumbres, armed with a bladed weapon, threatened residents.

Police Officer 3 Rogel Superal with his two colleagues arrived around 2 p.m. They saw Lumbres running towards the sugarcane field.

Superal went after Lumbres to negotiate, but the latter attacked him.

Superal was hit in the wrist and fell. The police officer, who was armed with an M16 rifle, was able to fire at the suspect.

Lumbres succumbed to a lone gunshot wound in the chest.

Trigue said the suspect’s wife claimed that her husband was suffering from a mental illness and would usually manifest such behavior as confirmed by their neighbors.

The police chief said Superal was disarmed and restricted while investigation is ongoing.

The police officer’s act was justifiable as it was considered self-defense, Trigue said.

He is under the custody of the station. (GYM)