EVERYONE, it seems, have used or at least are familiar with apps.

Apps or applications are software programs designed to perform specific functions for the user or for other application programs.

Agila Innovations Incorporated, a technology company based in Cagayan de Oro City, launched its first Oro mobile app last October 17 at Pane e Dolci, 8th-21st Street Nazareth, Cagayan de Oro City.

Aptly named Streetby App, the app is the brainchild of Rhey Piquero Minoza, chief executive officer and one of the founders of Agila Innovations.

Streetby App is the first total lifestyle app innovated by local Kagay-anon IT experts.

The app is easy to use and is useful for travelers and locals alike.

It allows locals to be updated on events and the latest trends on the local food scene such as newly opened restaurants and cafes. For tourists, Streetby App can serve as a guide to every tourist destination or local adventure as well as a source of tips for the best hotels and places of interest in the city.

The app also allows users to transact online, through credit or cash, and get discounts on hotel reservations, event photography, and salon services. It can be used to search places, products and events or view menus and amenities of certain establishments, order food and beverages for dine in or for pick-up or even for delivery.

Through this app, users can also view and submit ratings and reviews of places, food, or activities.

According to Minoza, Streetby started as a very simple idea. He was in the coffee shop and wanted to order coffee without standing.

"Ang Streetby jud started with ing-ani lang ka simple nga set-up nag input ko dri I just wanted to order coffee without standing kapoy baya sige tindog, I'm a Web Developer so I have client abroad. So from that idea diha nagsugod nga nagnu kelangan pa man nako mag tindogpara mag order nga I'M an I.T guy, I'm a developer of app", Minoza said.

"From that moment nagsugod na ang Streetby. Agila Innovation has a strong vision sa Streetby. Ang Streetby kay ang 1ST total lifestyle app platform, when you say total lifestyle platform it means nga sugod pagmata nimo Streetby imo gamiton. So sa Streetby what we are establishing and aiming today is to build a total lifestyle platform", he added.

John Sanchez, Marketing Officer also added that Streetby app offers professional services and should be a source of pride for all Kagay-anons.

"Streetby the first total lifestyle app in the country. We take pride for the team because wala pa may nadunggan nga mobile app nga total lifestyle ang gina cater. From food, accommodation, resorts, parks, professional services like photography and videography services naa tanan sa Streetby makita", Sanchez added.