“Masaya at masarap (Happy and fun)” answers Alan Mathay when asked about how it is to be a dad. He adds, “I’ve always wanted a big family,” explaining that he himself comes from a large family, with four siblings of his own.

He commented further that “pag kaunti, hindi masaya (it’s not fun if you have only a few members in the family).” On discipline, he says “I used to not spank my kids, but I learned that there’s a biblical reference to it. If you spare the rod, you spoil the child.” Part of his family routine is going to church every Sunday and “makapag-Sunday school ang mga bata (I want the kids to go to Sunday school).” Allan adds.

Originally from Quezon City, he now lives in Cebu and works as the executive chef of Maribago Bluewater Resort.

According to Alan, he likes living in Cebu because of the simple lifestyle and lower cost of living as well as the traffic.

“There’s less traffic here than in Manila, he explains. While he misses his family in Quezon City, he is considering the possibility of staying permanently in Cebu, adding that “the kids have adjusted very well to the life here.”

About his profession, he confesses that he had always wanted to cook. He points to his mom as his major influence in his decision to become a chef, saying that he always saw his mom cooking in the kitchen. “I also used to do the grocery shopping too when I was young, and I started experimenting with cooking at an early age.” he declares. “It took me four years to convince my parents to send me to culinary school.” He says sheepishly while hastening to add, “wait for God to give it to you.”

The way he sees it, “we live our lives one day at a time, but we should also leave the rest to God. It’s also important to be able to serve the Lord.”

Being the head of the family is no easy task, but Alan seems to fit into the role of father well. That said, Alan admits that “the hardest thing in being a dad is when you’re working too hard and you’re not able to see your children often. There’s a lot of time lost there.”


Alan took up culinary studies at Le Cordon Bleu in London.

He is the nephew of former Quezon City mayor Ismael Mathay and cousin of former congressman Chuck Mathay.

He believes that children don’t learn from what you say, rather, they learn from seeing what you do.