ALPHECCA Gonzales swept all her opponents on her way to score a perfect game to top the fourth qualifying tournament of the Cebu School of Chess last Sunday.

The 11-year-old chess whiz from Danao City won all her seven assignments to top the field of 21 young hopefuls in the tournament, which also serves as a preparation for this weekend’s tournament.

Gonzales’s win was highlighted by a Sicilian Defense Najdorf Variation opening with the black pieces in Round 7 over Edelyn Vosotros for the perfect run.

Gonzales defeated Lawrence Paradela in Round 1, Nicole Mangubat in Round 2, Rolfred Lacanaria in Round 3, the erstwhile unbeaten and eventual second placer Marphine Mangubat in Round 4, Rigel Clyd Perandos in Round 5 and Edel Vosotros in Round 6.

The 12-year-old Marphine Mangubat, whose campaign was marred by a loss to Gonzales, finished with 6.0 points, while Perandos finished third with 5.0 points.

The victory earned the Gonzales a slot to the finals in December together with Edelyn Vostros, who was the top female performer.

Gonzales earned the spot to the December finals by finishing as the top female performer last May, while Mangubat also got the ticket as the top female performer in the first qualifying tournament. Perandos and Edel Vosotros both finished with 5.0 points but the former had a higher median buccholz tie break points of 18.0 to 17.0.

Completing the fifth to the 10th finishers are Lacanaria, Alphard Gonzales, Benny Gocotano, Paradela and Edelyn Vosotros, who all finished with 4.0 points.

The other players who already got a place in the final are Jeremy Pepito and the older Mangubat, Chris Aldritz Pondoyo, Angel Naureen Bagano, Vic Glysen Derotas and Gonzales.