“YEARN for Star” thus convinced the officiating priest of the Catholic faithful in Sunday’s homily message during a 4 p.m. first Sunday Mass at the San Sebastian Cathedral.

Star means Search for Jesus, Trust, Action, and Reaching Out.

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During the homily, the priest said that with the New Year this 2010, it is but important in everyday lives of every Filipino people “to start searching for Jesus…Almighty, making it as the center of life for he is the way, direction, peace and happiness.”

He said “trust is next to hope” and that the people should not stop believing that God is alive.

“Let’s all continue to hope instead of being driven to hopelessness,” he said.

“To believe needs action” he said, adding that helping the needy, the poor people, is a “genuine act” of spiritual motive.

“It’s a realization of believing. It’s really doing it…by helping…by extending hands for the needy,” he said.

The priest added: “Let us not get tired of helping. For in helping and sharing, we make everyone else attain genuine happiness.”

Reaching out the hopeless, the less privileged, the poorest of the poor, the priest said, “would not only bring color to life, but as well an inspiration of hope that life still offers a bounty of blessings and that is through people.”

He said that to start the year with an open heart and humbleness makes everyone’s life simple, happy, and peaceful.