THREE housemates staying inside the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) house are on the verge of eviction as nomination night presided even without Big Brother Sunday evening.

Hours before the nomination night, Jason Francisco, the 21 year-old housemate from Oriental Mindoro, received his gift with the help of his co-housemates.

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Jason, who was chosen by the three kings to receive the Sinski Tricycle, needs to work as a houseboy for four days inside the house.

At first he was reluctant to do the usual chores like washing the dishes and cleaning the tables. Much to his dismay, he also needs to obey her senoritos and senoritas orders.

Jason didn't like the treatment he was getting from his co-housemates and had a confrontation with Melissa Cantiveros that he was taken for granted.

Although things did not work smoothly from the beginning, the "houseboy" then took the job seriously.

Before he was given his gift, the housemates gathered in the sitting area to talk to Jason and ask him of his feelings and learning's from his houseboy challenge.

Jason become teary-eyed and said that he understands everything that the housemate did and it was only his time to enjoy life because he was the breadwinner of the family and doesn't have much time to enjoy life outside the PBB house.

He said he was just enjoying his stay inside the PBB house because he knows that once outside he will back to his old self.

Tibo or Steven Jumalon from Butuan City then gave Jason few words of wisdom and said that he should make his stay inside the house a fresh new start and strive more for a better life outside the house.

The housemates led Jason to the activity area to surprise him of his brand new tricycle.

Head of Household

Paul Jake got his second Head of Household (HOH) position after defeating other housemates in the Tower of Dominoes challenge.

Paul Jake Castillo, the Filipino-American housemate from Cebu was able to build a 28-centimeter tower of dominoes within 10 minutes while blindfolded.

The loosing team then competed as well to determine who will give the three- point or self-imposed automatic nomination.

Jason who was able to build only 5.5 cm. was the loser in the game.

Nomination Night

Big Brother asked Jason inside the confession room to whom he would give the three-point nomination or a self-imposed automatic nomination for this week's eviction process.

At first, Jason thought of giving it to Melissa, her lady love inside the house, because he believes that the later will gain a lot of votes outside the house.

But on the final talk with Big Brother, Jason finally decided to give his self an automatic nomination for this week's eviction night.

"All of them are kind to me and I can't think of any reason to vote them," said Jason in the vernacular.

He then added: "I can feel that they love me and that I am important to them."

With Jason in this week's eviction list are Sam, who got a total of six points and Johan who received a total of seven points.

Sam Pinto, the fashion design student from Paranaque City, was voted by the housemates because of her lack of knowledge in household chores and her being insensitive sometimes in talking to others.

Johan, on the other hand, was nominated because of his aloofness to his co-housemates and his narrow-mindedness when it comes to others views and opinions.

Big Brother Out

It came as a surprise to the housemates, during the nomination night, when host Toni Gonzaga announced that Big Brother was rushed to the hospital for health reasons.

Mariel who was left inside the confession room heard the rumbling sound and though it was just a technical difficulty in Kuya's end.

According to Toni, Big Brother was diagnosed with over fatigue and needs to rest for a while.

Big Brother's seat is still empty and there is still no update on when he is coming back inside the PBB house. (Glaiza Jarloc/Sunnex)