Mila C. Espina

In my diary

THE healing spirituality of St. Ezekiel Moreno, the first Recoleto saint, will be captured in a lilting musicale presented by the University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJ-R) Dramatics and Cultural Ensemble–Amparito Lhuillier scholars (USJ-R DCE-Allef).

This is a replay of the same production in 2007, but this time with a new cast. The devotion of St. Ezekiel to Mama Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus will be delineated in selected songs and choreography. His conviction and enduring services to the sick and the dying, despite his ill health, had touched the lives of many.

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I became a devotee after I directed the first play, and many times, my prayers were all answered. Thus, I promised to spread out his goodwill through this musicale, which I will bring to other schools and communities with the help of the USJ-R. And I will do this as long as I am able.

My students have become believers of St. Ezekiel so it isn’t difficult to teach him to to the students and for them to internalize their lines and sing the songs. Our first performance will be at Sisters of Mary in early February.

At USJ-R, the play will be in July in time for the commemoration of the canonization of St.Ezekiel. Fathers Randy Castillo and Manny Bolillia, OAR, had been commissioned by Father president Enrico Silab, OAR, to help in this big event.

Other schools interested may contact me at 253-3656. Remember, we perform for free and schools will just provide us with venue and technical facilities.

The themes of love and compassion of the play are universal and timely. Healing our hearts underscores most of the New Year’s wishes of my friends.

What’s up in 2010?

In the business scene, Eric Mendoza, Francis Monera, Joe Ng, David Chan, John Domingo, Samuel Chioson, Ted Locson, Enrison Benedicto, Jun Muntuerto, Dennis Wong, Feliz Taguiam, Jay Aldeguer, Dondi Joseph, Bobby Aboitiz, Robert Go, Boni Sia, Vince Colina and Norberto Quisumbing Jr. have always expressed the values of fairness and humaneness as the driving forces toward economic growth. They think 2010 will offer better opportunities in some business ventures. In one of my interviews for My Diary on Bee Pinoy TV 14, Janice Minor, Nellie Chiu, Stella Bernabe, Agnes Huettel and Merle Cunanan thought that 2010 would be challenging, but their line of business will have a positive twist. The secret of success, they said, is seeing to it that profits are shared with their work force and those who have less in life. These creative ladies are “hands-on” entrepreneurs who spend quality time managing their business.

My New Year’s wishes for good health go to long-time friends Felisa Chiongbian whose priceless friendship has inspired the Zontians; Helen Yap and Lita Urbina who have always been there in all my projects. They all believe that in any form of business team building accentuates leadership.

In the academe, educators Dr. Lucy Bonilla of University of Southern Philippines, Dr. Efren Valiente of Benedicto College and Lydia Cuizon of Velez College, wish to inject more values in their courses and hope teachers will strengthen lessons in character and conduct in their classes. At UP-Cebu, I was astonished how high school principal Purita Baltazar put so much passion in organizing the People success story because she saw the great influence icons play in the school.

Retired but not tired Nellie Dosado never left the advisorship of Punla because she had invested so much time and love for the scholars. Meanwhile, former Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI) external affairs officer Robbie Alugar has so much to thank the Lord for giving him a dutiful wife and daughter who turned a year old recently. USJ-R’s VP-administration Fr. Raul Buhay, OAR, and VP-academics Fr. Edwin Macmac, OAR, had an insightful morning with Consul Bobby Aboitiz on what the school look forward to in 2010.

The interaction focused on how the school could inculcate the values of responsible citizenship and nationalism in the academic and community-based projects. Consul Bobby informed us of his immersion projects with the youth which have transformed the latter into more creative and confident individuals. Fr. Buhay, on the other hand, talked about a future youth-oriented program in waste management. Fr. Macmac shared what he read about how Germany turned waste into energy, a project USJ-R could consider. I told the priests that this new thrust of USJ-R sits well with the ecology-based program of CCCI.

So what gives 2010? It could be the same song over and over again to a large number of people who have not seen the light of hope. But, to some, hope springs eternal and they never give up. Happy New Year to all!