ACCESS to business livelihood and technology information is now as easy as a click of a mouse.

e-TRC or Electronic Technology Resource Center is an advanced library experience introduced to entrepreneurs by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST), the department’s regional director Rene Burt Llanto said yesterday.

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In a statement sent to Sun.Star Cebu, he described e-TRC as an Internet-based computerized system tool that gives anybody easy access to business livelihood and technology information anytime, anywhere.

It features the Technology Library, Development Funding, Provincial Socio-Economic Profile, Business Registration Guide, Priority Industries, Market Linkages, and Sectoral Consultants.

Thus, it creates livelihood opportunities as well as promotes entrepreneurship by providing access to a wide range of business, livelihood and other vital requirements in establishing a business.

Anybody can access e-TRC by visiting

If one clicks on the e-TRC-eLibrary button menu, then Technology Library, one will be directed to the log-in page.

One only needs to click sign-up, fill out the boxes, and click the Submit button, to create an eTRC account. One’s eTechnobank ID and password will give one permanent access to eTRC.

Upon successful registration, one is now considered a guest.

Guests can browse the available materials but cannot download them.

To download TRC’s technology multimedia clips and the full texts of its business and print materials, one should buy a Kabuhayan Prepaid Card, which comes in prices of P100, P200, P300 and P500.

These are available at the DOST Regional Office. One may also click on the “Where to Buy” banner to view the list of distributors and dealers. Details are available with Maria Arleen Arnejo at tel. 231-7024.

e-TRC’s major partners include Smart Internet Click & More, e-Negosyo and Phil-Canada Travel and Tours, the DOST said. (PR)