ONLY four eskrimadors qualified in the second batch of students for the second semester of the Academy of Eskrima.

Doce Pares Supreme Grandmaster Dionisio Cañete said only world Eskrima Kali Arnis champions Ermar Alexander and Diana Fauner of the UK and local practitioners Cesario Perez, Jr. and Onairos Cortel made the cut.

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“Only four students qualified for the second batch of students,” said Cañete, adding that there is a strict selection of students because they are looking for quality graduates.

“The Academy of Eskrima aims to have quality graduates who can help propagate the Filipino martial arts,” said Cañete.

Alexander and Fauner are running four eskrima schools in the UK, while Perez and Cortel are under the Doce Pares World Headquarters and are longtime eskrima practitioners.

The Academy of Eskrima Batch 2, which will run on an accelerated pace, started last Jan. 4. It will cover the basic and intermediate courses.

“They have already covered all the training courses before but this time, we are teaching them how they could teach eskrima better,” said Cañete, who supervises the six-hour daily training.

His son Gerald supervised the group of instructors, who graduated during Academy of Eskrima Batch 1. (PR)