BINGCA, of course means the organized effort of many barangay leaders to work for the candidacy of Bing Leonardia for mayor and of Cano Tan as their choice for congressman. Moca is that other group who roots for Monico but prefers Cano Tan as their congressman of choice.

And why do these leaders do not want either Novero or Golez to represent them in Congress?

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The answer is of course obvious. The Moca or Bingca breakaways just do not trust Novero or Golez. Golez because they do not know him well enough and Novero because they know him too well. The common coffeeshop joke is that selling Novero to the voter is like selling pork to a Muslim.

Novero's and Golez' problem is that these breakaway groups are growing in numbers, with every leader who detest Novero or who do not know Golez seeing in the Moca or Bingca a vehicle for them to pursue their political preference in an organized manner.

And to inform Monico or Bing that they exist.


The main organization of Bing and/or Monico go along straight lines and only those who submit to this straight line are considered in. By in of course means that they are included in both candidates' budgets. Those not inside Mono or Binggo are not included. They are afraid that they will be left holding the empty bag. Hence, they have to get organized to compel either Bing or Monico to take them into consideration.

For practical reasons, both Monico and Bing have to reckon with these groups. Given the very close fight between them, every vote should count. Monico and/or Bing cannot just reject their support because they will not support Novero or Golez. That would be stretching loyalty to a political patron too far. In fact, it would be foolish. That is why I will not be surprised if Monico gives attention to Moca and Bing to Bingca.

And it would be utterly selfish of Novero and or Golez to bedgrudge their mayoralty partners for scrimping for every vote they can get.


Monico should learn his lesson from the 2007 elections. He pressured his partisans to carry Joy Valdez, his mayoralty candidate. In many cases, this angered his supporters who cannot bear the thought of voting for her. Faced with the question of either or, they chose not to vote for Monico as well. This explains why he nearly lost to Novero in the 2007 elections.

Bing does not have the same scrupples in the 2004 when Archie Baribar was his congressional teammate. He left the poor fellow to his own devices. He allowed his political leaders to support Monico. He did not insist on Archie.

So Archie lost by a mile. In private conversations, Archie was emphatic in saying that he cannot forgive Bing Leonardia for it.

If I know Monico and Bing, they will not dare refuse Moca or Bingca. Considering the dangerous balance separating victory from defeat, both Monico and Bing need every vote they can get.

To refuse one vote simply because the voter has a different choice for congressman is not only foolish. It is political suicide.