FILIPINOS are in high demand for job openings in the United States in 2010 following last year's financial downfall, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) said.

As per POEA Manila report said: "There will be a demand for more workers in the construction and oil industries in the United States this year."

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POEA Bacolod Chief Carmen Nagum opined that said report indicates that it seemed like "opening its doors to foreign workers more than a year after the onset of the global economic crisis."

"The US economy is slowly recovering, which is good news for us because that means they are ready to open employment for foreign workers," POEA Manila office said.

Earlier, POEA said that aside from the US, more and more job openings in other countries especially in the Middle East can also be expected this year.

"We are looking at recovery for overseas jobs, including in the United States, where we see positive employment growth this year," POEA report added.

Nurses are among the in-demand jobs outside the country, which the POEA said has already 13, 000 job orders available for this year in five countries, including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei.

Meanwhile, Recruitment Industry has urged the government to hold an overseas employment summit that will address the shortage of qualified and skilled workers.

The summit, which would be necessary, will augment preparations for the economic comeback of the US and other countries coming off from last year's financial breakdown.