April Rama

Max Urbanite

HOW you got your groove on in the year 2009 came in different ways but December was a month to remember.

Fashionably shod feet trekked down memory lane on Dec. 19 for the Cebu International School (CIS) Grand Alumni Homecoming at Formo Restaurant & Lounge.

Everyone put on their happy faces, braved bumper-to-bumper traffic in the Banilad area and walked into a night of memories rekindled—the good, the bad, the silly, and, more importantly, the unforgettable moments of what shaped your foothold in life.

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Just in case of time-receded hairlines and increased waistlines beyond recognition comes in, the organizers thoughtfully provided Physical Education (PE) tee-shirts for sale as an added twist: pre-order ones bearing the name of your grade level, house/section and really live it up all over again, even if it was just through your PE tee

It was a mixed crowd from alumni representing the American International School of Cebu when it was founded in 1924, to students of the renamed CIS Banilad and Pit-os campuses.

Enthusiastic greetings, hugs and laughter created a happy hubbub at the start of the night. The atmosphere was jubilant with talks of "Remember when..." and exuberant with promises of "We should do this more often." And if it’s any indication, it looks like more CIS homecomings are bound to happen more often in the years to come.

You may be a graduate from four or 40 years ago, but a grand alumni homecoming brings back memories—pleasant, poignant but never unwelcomed—shared during those awkward and bewildering teenage years.

When someone begins yet another sentence at the reunion with “I remember when . . . ,” no one yawns. They remember, too. And you will be sad when it’s over.

* * * *

Suddenly, it’s 2010!

We said our goodbyes to an epic year well behind us. Let’s make 2010 legendary. And don’t forget: Party responsibly. Do not drink and drive. Assign a designated driver, or better yet, contribute to the public utility vehicle drivers’ income and cab it. Happy New Year!