HUNI Farm is set to open its doors to more Dabawenyos in its bid to educate them on how food gets on their table the natural way.

While the farm has been accepting tours from schools in the past couple of years, it has just recently introduced itself as a new agri-tourism site in the city.

Owned by Louella Garcia, the farm gives its visitors a glimpse of how she grows fruits and vegetables and raises livestock naturally and organically.

She, however, clarified that unlike other agri-tourism sites, Huni Farms is more of an educational destination rather than a leisure destination.

"We want to educate Dabawenyos what farm to table really is," Garcia said.

Every weekend you and your family or friends can come here to learn how she runs the farm. For a total of P600, you get to enjoy a tour around the farm and enjoy a delicious buffet -- the tour is P150 while buffet is P450.

In the tour you will be taken around the farm where you will find pig pens that are not reeking of unpleasant smells. You will also notice that their pigs here are very relaxed as compared to those being raised in commercial farms.

Our tour guide, jokingly tells us that the pigs here are "happy pigs." He pointed out the farm uses organic and natural ingredients to ensure that the pigs raised here are healthy. With the way te farm raises their pigs, these are noticeably bigger than most pigs you would find in the market.

The farm raises its own chickens too. Here they allow the chickens to grow at the natural rate that it has to grow. Likewise, the medicines and supplements of their chickens are derived from natural and organic materials. Just like the pigs, it can be observed that the chickens here are much happier that their commercial counterparts.

You will also notice that around the farm they allow the plants to grow wherever it is planted by pollinators like birds.

The ground is also littered with leaves that the owners allow to decay naturally. In return, Huni Farm's soil really look healthy evident with the sizes of the plants and trees and the fruits it bears.

When it comes to the food, Garcia said around 80 percent of the ingredients come from her farm.

She said the menu revolves around the availability of ingredients in the farm.

Garcia said this means that dishes here for the buffet will be different every time you come here.

In the future she hopes to put up a demonstration area in the farm where visitors can see how they can produce their own food with a small plot of land.

Garcia said before you have to 'bring' the farm to the city for them to understand how food gets to the table. However, now she wants to bring those in the city to the farm for them understand what really is farm to table.