THE Police Regional Office in Cordillera is fine-tuning its Performance Governance System to improve its efficiency.

"The PGS is a management tool to improve internal and external operations with credibility," Regional Chaplain Rodolfo Ireso said.

"This is to ensure strategic measures that are appropriate with financial and logistical resources," he said.

Introduced in 2009, the PGS uses scorecards to identify targets, actions and results for each police district office.

"The dream of PNP (Philippine National Police) is safety among the constituents in the community and even tourists," said Ireso.

"It is not really statistics that make people feel safe, it's their perception and awareness that the police and other authorities are present," he added.

Aside from the efficient deployment of its forces, the Cordillera police is relying more on technology in preventing, solving and monitoring crime situations.

Ireso said that under the PGS, the regional police has adopted the Web Geographic System or the crime mapping system, which is accessible online, the e-learning examination for police officers, the web-based online community engagement survey, and the e-personnel engagement survey.

Ireso said these technological initiatives are the reason why the Cordillera police is more advanced than other regional offices.

The regional police is also keen on changing the culture among its officers.

"We believe that in 2030, there will be a radical change in the police culture," Ireso said.