Janette Toral

Digital Filipino

YESTERDAY, I got the chance to read a blog piece by professional speaker Jef Menguin (http://jefmenguin.wordpress.com), who gives motivational and inspirational talks to companies. He talked about a blog of another speaker who claims in his site to be “the best motivational speaker.”

When it comes to Internet marketing pitches, I normally advise against exaggerated claims as readers simply don’t like blatant advertisements. The only exemption I guess is if the title is bestowed by a third party and the claims or figures can be authenticated.

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However, there is another analogy that applies especially if you are in the business that is meant to inspire and motivate people.

I learned that you won’t become “the best” until you claim it, own it, and decide to live it. If you say there is something that you plan or aspire to be, say five years from now, you don’t have to wait for that time. Start acting and conducting yourself in that mindset.

That is my analysis on the reasoning behind that claim, in addition to search engine ranking, marketing, and positioning.

That is because when people look for a resource, product, or service, the first question they often ask is “Who is the best?”

That is why if a professional is confident enough and believes that he or she is the best, then he or she should assert it offline and online. The courage to stake that claim is commendable.

I’m sure that the other professionals in the motivational and inspirational speaking industry will catch up sooner or later, especially when they realize the importance of ranking in search engines.

I know that some don’t want to do it because it will go against the principle of humility but claiming to be “one of the best” will make the search engine ranking more realistic. (http://digitalfilipino.com)