CITY OF SAN FERNANDO -- Thousands of Capitol employees are becoming impatient over their unreleased Christmas bonuses as clamor for the executive department to have them approved is growing stronger each day.

Governor Eddie Panlilio has since maintained his position to release only half of the demanded P20,000 bonuses to some 2,100 Provincial Government employees while the other half will be based on a performance evaluation and appraisal.

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Panlilio, who is now asking the Provincial Board (PB) to revoke Ordinance 378 approving the release of the P20,000 bonuses and just outright approve across-the-board the P10,000 from the P23 million personnel savings, earlier said only those who performed well will be given the extra productivity enhancement incentive based on an evaluation as agreed upon with union officers and department heads in 2008.

But PB committee on human resources chairman First District Board Member Tarcicio Halili said the Capitol employees union has no jurisdiction over the appraisal process, much more with setting guidelines.

Halili told Sun.Star Pampanga: "The arrangement for the appraisal cannot be compromised with the union. It is the executive department and the Human Resources Management Office responsible for that. It should have been relayed at the start of 2009. Besides, it is not objective anymore since no records of performance of each employee exist."

He said he had been suggesting to the human resource office the adoption and maintenance of counseling record cards for each employee for yearend evaluation.

"But that was not even taken up or noted. That is why we are having this problem now. I even suggested that they conduct quarterly evaluation so that by year end, it would be easier for supervisors to objectively conduct their appraisal," Halili said.

He added that the best thing for the executive to do now is just release the P10,000 across-the-board and work on an arrangement regarding the other half.

"The problem now is that we cannot take this up or include it in our agenda until we conducted this year's budget. But we are at the PB are working hard to help our employees," he said.

Irate employees have been pleading for the release of their bonuses, since they said many of them had to borrow form loan sharks and some spent "a not so merry holiday season" as they expected.

A long time employee there, who asked not to be named, said with his colleagues: "The problem with union officers is they cannot even discuss it with the governor and the provincial administrator. Takot na takot sila. Instead of seeing to our welfare, tango lang sila ng tango sa gusto ng mga boss."

Meanwhile, fourth district Board Member Riucardo Yabut said they were set to meet with the executive on Wednesday to discuss the release of the bonuses.

"I was surprised because in our previous meeting with them, I was given the idea that the bonuses would be released before New Year during the last two working days. It turned out otherwise. But we will meet again and seek the immediate release of the bonuses," Yabut told Sun.Star Pampanga.