EVEN on the second week of 2010, the bib necklace—mighty and proud of its increasing number of disciples—has gone nowhere but on the neckline of women who nod at its enormous size.

Beautiful, oh sure, but to weigh its worth, someone should call on Mark Masa, a non-believer of fashion’s spur of the moment ideas.

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Yet again, for the sake of placing variations in his design aesthetics, he has lined-up a collection of bib necklaces, finished off with his obvious love for tedious details. Or in other words—haute couture.

No signs of going with the flow, though. If this excites you, start picking up those metal finds in gold, silver, bronze, copper, and platinum. Or better yet, study a methodology that lights up the union among the fabrics (leather and prints), the usual (chains, studs, crystals), and the rare (wood, feathers, mirrors).

Colors can be as complementintg as ebony and ivory, and as arresting as vermilion and purple. Get rebellious with a few promises of indigo, green, and silver.

Nothing’s wrong if you’d like to own them. After all, they’re inspired by the classic Victorian elements directed to please

the punk rock musicians. To be safe about it, Mark has drawn quite a wider space, from the waves of the ocean to the itinerant sand dunes—figuratively speaking, of course.

It is a statement in asymmetry for 2010, all right, but he still hangs on to some classics.

“I should say that bibs are ‘one-time-wear’ items, especially for the type of people who wear them. (It’s) a short-lived style,” says Mark, a graduate of Bachelor of Fine Arts in Advertising Arts at University of San Carlos.

He designs his self-titled line of jewelry. He also runs Timeframe Media Company-Cebu: Events, Designs, Productions and Activation.

“Each of the pieces that I make is quite unique since I don’t make duplications of a piece that I have already made.

They are ‘one and only’ pieces. So that’s an assurance that I can give to my clients that what they are wearing is an original.

My collections are normally simple and small, but for some people who dare to wear bold pieces like these bibs, I specially handcraft items for them,” he continues.

And if you’re a t-shirt gal, think of this as a savior. Hear him one more time: “Bibs are bold statements and focal points; (they have) to be matched with a dress or any top with fewer details or (with), no details (at all).

You can even wear this with white Hanes baby-tees paired with skinny jeans and strappy high heels, a corset or a tube dress.”

The verdict has been laid out. Find out at Grocery Couture on A.S. Fortuna, Mandaue, if these bibs would flaunt your fancy.

If you change your mind, Mark’s fine with it—he might offer you some trusty diamonds instead.