THE uplifted spirits and the glimpse of hope in the eyes of each beneficiary lights up the Christmas Season more than the glittering lights and decors around.

In December, an amazing total of 500 children and adults were the happy recipients of gift items through the Corporate Social Responsibility and Outreach Program of MetroLifestyle Fitness Center & Spa.

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In the tradition of gift giving and blessing others every Christmas Season, MetroLifestyle collected toys, pledges and other items starting in the early months of 2009.

Volunteers lead by Maan Tulio, re-visited Rescue-A-Child Light in Asia Mission in Manggahan, Bucana area on December 22, 2009.

This could have been just one of the monthly feeding programs, but through the generosity of MetroLifestyle fitness members and employees, the volunteers brought 75 lunch packs and several boxes of hand-me-down toys, clothes, bags and other items.

The gift giving and feeding has been made possible in collaboration with the once-a-month Fun Run for A Cause, wherein fitness members and employees sign up for the fun run and gave toys as part of the registration.

On the same day of December 22, the volunteer group composed of Maan Tulio, Dolly Chuim and Lotes Soria went to the Badjao Community Child Development Center in Matina Aplaya with "hygiene packs" for 75 adults and 150 kids belonging to the Badjao Community. The hygiene packs consisted of toothbrush, toothpaste, bath soap, shampoo, tawas, and a pair of slippers.

The following day on December 23, another 50 families and 150 kids received grocery packs of 1-kilo rice, sardines, and noodles. The beneficiaries from Panacan Outreach Program enjoyed a full-length Christmas Party for the kids including a wonderful performance of a Party Magician, dance numbers from the kids, lots of party games and snacks prepared by VCF Panacan Outreach volunteers.

What is more remarkable in these three outreach programs is that, it is a continuing Christian values education for the adults and kids. It is not a one-time gift giving only, because through the efforts of those who oversee these programs, people are able to learn the basics of hygiene, reading, writing and listening about God. Each one gets a head start as they go through the wonders of this life.

Supporting the gift giving and feeding programs is MetroLifestyle's approach to Corporate Social Responsibility. CSR is a collective effort of MetroLifestyle fitness members and employees in sharing and giving hope to the least of the society.

The concept of "paying it forward" inspires more people to give as each freely receives blessings from the success of businesses, sustaining jobs, and generosity from family members.

Special appreciation to Richard Ongyongyong, other sponsors, and to the MetroLifestyle Family composed of generous Fitness Members and devoted employees who willingly gave their support. Also, worthy of mention are those "lost and found items" in the gym, which remain unclaimed for more than a year. These items were also given out as donations to the outreach program.

Blessings of abundance, stronger relationships and revitalized health carry on to Year 2010.

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