Who is guilty? A wife dreaming in the middle of the night suddenly shouts, "Quick, my husband is back!" The man gets up, jumps out of the window and realizes, "Hmph, I am the husband!"

I noticed that there are a few changes in the monthly medal tournaments of RPVGCC. We now have the Super Seniors Division. I bet the super seniors are happy because they have a better chance at winning trophies now since they do not have to compete with the younger seniors.

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The children of the members, the junior golfers, have always been smiling since they have always had two divisions, the 11 years and below group, and the group for 12-17 yrs old. Even the guests of the members are happy since there are two divisions for the guests.

I hope the tournament committee will consider putting up another division for the ladies. I would like to sincerely request, on behalf of the female paying members of the club as well as the wives of the members, that you divide the ladies into two divisions. As of the moment, there is only one division for the ladies. Most golf clubs in Manila have two divisions for the ladies--class A, and class B.

Guys, you know how hard it is to compete if you are all cramped in one division. Take for example a beginner with a 36-handicap--how can that person beat someone with a handicap of 4 in gross? Another example. Picture a class A player with a handicap of 6 competing against someone with a handicap of 36 in net. The 6-handicapper has to give 30 huge strokes to the 36-handicapper. The 36-handicapper only has to score 108 to make "even par" at net, and he can easily score a 102 or better.

If he does that, the 6-handicapper has to finish with a gross score of 71 or a 1-under par to beat the 36-handicapper in net. As we know, it is difficult to score72 at Palos Verdes. At least if you divide the ladies in two, the match among the ladies will be fairly balanced and be more competitive, as it is in the men's category, the jungolf category, and the now, the seniors'. Thank you in advance.

Before anything else, have you checked your credit card recently? Your credit card may be expired. Better make sure it is valid up to 2010.

Speaking of Super Seniors, I would like to congratulate a very wonderful couple--my parents, Tony and Baby Garcia...

Mom and Dad, Congratulations and best wishes on your 50th wedding anniversary last January 7, 2010. May you have 50 more happy wonderful years together. We love you Mommy and Daddy. OMG, having said this, people can figure out my age. FYI, I'm their twentieth child. Hehe.

Congratulations to the winners of the December monthly medal tournament of Rancho Palos Verdes Golf & Country Club. They are as follows:

Overall gross champion - James Noel Morente

Overall net champion - Han Geun Hee

Class A gross champion - Lee Bum Su

Class A net champion - Huh Hoon

Class B gross champion - Louie Rabat

Class B net champion - Song Kyeong Ho

Class C gross champion - Mayong Pilleren

Class C net champion - Ed Guevara

Class D gross champion - Jaime Lopez

Class D net champion - Sergio Dalisay

Seniors Div gross champion - Joe Marfori

Seniors Div net champion - Elmer Martinez

Super Seniors Div gross champion - Vic Gonzales

Super Seniors Div net champion - Henry Chua

Ladies Division gross champion - Park Eun Hyang

Ladies Division net champion - Choi Yoon Hee

Jun Golf Div (11 yrs & below) champion - Miguel Morada

Jun Golf Div (12-17) champion - Khalik Samanodi

Guests Div 1 gross champion - Jung Jun Young

Guests Div 1 net champion - Ramon Tan

Guests Div 2 gross champion - Glenn Yap

Guests Div 2 net champion - Manuel Garcia