THE Davao City law enforcement agencies received praise from Mayor Rodrigo Duterte for its great service to the city in 2009 amid the increase of total crime volume.

"I congratulate everyone for a good job. Talagang naging maayos, mabilis ang serbisyo," Duterte said in a meeting Wednesday with the Davao City Police Office (DCPO), Task Force Davao (TF Davao), City Peace and Order Council (CPOC), People's Law Enforcement Board (Pleb), and City Anti-Drug Abuse Council (Cadac).

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Meanwhile, a report released yesterday indicated a 21.641 percent increase in the city's total crime volume of 3,749 for 2009 during the period of January to November compared with 2008's 3,082.

The data is part of the Peace and Order Services reported in the city's service performance in 2009. Engineer Mario Luis Jacinto, City Planning and Development Office coordinator, announced the data at I-Speak media forum at City Hall.

"Peace and order have always received the public's attention and was given much of the city's budget because without peace and order we can never say we are truly progressing. But I could say that year 2009 was a positive year for the city in terms of service. The records are there to say what has been done and there were a lot done," Jacinto said.

"We always say the room for improvement is the biggest room of all. It's always easy to criticize especially if the one criticizing is trying to occupy a political position. But the track record is there, through the leadership of the Mayor, to say we have done well in delivering services," Jacinto said.

Jacinto said, the peace and order sector was allotted P483,972,578 of the 2009 budget or 14.21 percent, second to the highest. The highest sector that received the biggest chunk was the social services sector.

Of the 3,749: non-index crimes totaled to 1,922 cases; 646 were on physical injury; 618 were theft; 130 were murder; 313 were robbery; 65 were homicide; and 55 were rape.

The report said the city's operational support to DCPO and TF Davao was sustained if not intensified through the operation and maintenance of the 251 patrol cars, jeep, motorcycles used by 12 Police Precints and DCPO Headquarters.

The support to the TF Davao was sustained to cover their anti-terrorist and peacekeeping operation through operation and maintenance of all vehicles and motorcycles, provision of logistics and construction of a new headquarters.

For Disaster Management:

*There were 20 disaster emergency operations including fire, sea swelling, drowning, flash flood, and structure collapse. There were 42 recorded in 2008.

*Conducted 78 different emergency drills including fire, earthquake, and flood benefiting a total of 96,078 participants. There were 29,735 participants recorded last year.

*Conducted 7 trainings including First Aid, Life Support, Fire-Fighting, and Water Safety attended by 313 participants.

*92 Information and Education Campaign activities were conducted attended by 4,903 participants.

For traffic management, during the first quarter of 2009, 6,455 traffic violators were apprehended and indorsed to the Land Transportation Office for adjudication and final disposition. There were 27,450 recorded in 2008 in the same period.

Still on the first quarter, 167 vehicles and motorcycles were towed for creating road impediments and obstruction. There were 873 recorded from January to November last year.

Starting 2nd Quarter of 2009, apprehension of Traffic violators were solely undertaken by the LTO and DCPO-Traffic Group.

Other accomplishments include: 209 units or an increase of 33.64 percent from 2008's 217 units of trisikads towed and impounded for plying the city streets and national highways; 21 intersections were covered in the detailed survey and design for signalization; and 44 signaled intersections were monitored daily.

For Project 911, 54,322 calls were received or an average of 164 calls a day. This is a 33.93 percent increase compared to 2008. Districts where the most number of calls originated are from: Talomo with 16,484; Poblacion with 16,199; and Buhangin with 8,205 calls.

Average response time inclusive of all districts for each service sector varied: the Fire Auxiliary Services having the fastest average response time at 5 minutes per run; Urban Search and Rescue at 9 minutes; Law Enforcement with 13 minutes; and Emergency Medical Services at 26 minutes.

Of the 54,322 calls received, 75 percent or 40,724 calls were responded to, which is a 19.914 percent increase from 2008's 33,961 calls received. Of the 40,724 calls: 30,238 were law enforcement incidents; 9,843 were medical emergencies; 358 were search and rescue; 183 were fire auxiliary services; and 102 were K9 services.

Among responded calls related to law enforcement: 4,289 were assaults; 2,972 were domestic problems; and theft totaled 2,816. Among the medical emergency runs, the top three cases were: 2,076 for body weakness; 1,877 were injuries from vehicular incidents; and 1,400 runs for difficulty in breathing.

For the campaign against drugs, 16,040 students in 108 public and private schools participated in seminars and symposia on drug education, while there were 15,905 students who participated last year. In barangays, there were 2,618 participants in 45 barangays while 2008's record showed there were only 1,783 participants.

In the city's sustained operation of the Davao City Rehabilitation Center for Drugs Dependents: 227 family therapies/dialogues were conducted whereas 82 were done in 2008; 970 individual counseling were conducted while 1,105 were done in 2008; 63 new admissions were recorded while 2008 had 46; 50 were discharged or releases recorded in 2009 while 42 were released in 2008.