THE Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) assured recently that more job placements await the overseas Filipino workers in neighboring Asia.

This, after the POEA said various job orders are open in the United States for the Filipinos.

POEA Bacolod chief Carmen Nagum told Sun.Star Bacolod said Thursday these job openings are in Japan and South Korea particularly for the nurses, caregivers and factory workers.

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For Japan, it seeks some 700 Filipino nurses to join in the market.

Last year, 283 Filipino nurses were sent to Japan to work, with the health workers affirming the reports on Japan’s excellent medical equipments on hospitals.

Earlier, both governments of the Philippines and Japan inked an agreement with the latter to facilitate hiring of at least 1, 000 Filipino nurses and caregivers.

Nagum said a pre-employment seminar of would-be applications to Japan will be conducted in different areas in the country and it will be announced sometime.

For the applicants, they may register online through the POEA e-registration system. Deadline for qualified applicants to register online is on January 15, POEA said.

Meanwhile, for the South Korea placement, at least 6, 000 factory workers will be needed. Applicants are advised to register for the Korean Language Test (KLT),” said Nagum.

Applicants may register online and POEA will notify the pre-qualified applicants within the month.