FINALLY a light is shed for the faithful of karate in this cool City of Pines.

News on the achievements of karatekas in local, national and international competitions is proof Filipinos can excel in this martial art, so it is but right that it should be included in the Baguio Benguet Educational Athletic League (BBEAL) the biggest sports league in Baguio City.

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BBEAL is likened to Metro Manila's UAAP.

Baguio has so many great karate players who have made impacts in both national and international competitions in the likes of sensei Pacalso, Tinda-an, Regacho, Kawaen, Che-es, just to name a few.

Although there have been many karate tournaments all around the Cordilleras and the Ilocos region, the recognition for karate to be included in the prestigious line up of sports being played in the BBEAL did not have hope until now, with the help of people who sees the good potentials of karate.

It was given the go signal to be included as a demonstration sport in this years' 2nd phase of the BBEAL, with the Philippine Military Academy as host under the leadership of Maj. Jose Demar A. Pauly, the commanding officer of the Sports and Physical Development Unit.

He took on the challenge to hold this milestone for karate in the realm of the Philippine Military Academy.

The hesitation of schools is whether they could find players to compete in the demonstration sport. What athletic directors are not aware of is that they have all the resources they need. There are so many karatekas in the universities and all that is needed is to call on them and inform them that karate is now being considered as a sport to be included in the BBEAL.

So the athletic directors should not worry that they will have no players for the event. The karate organizations, together with the Cordillera Karate Federation, have taken a step towards this already. They are trying to gather all karate players in all universities so they can be sanctioned as official representatives of their respective schools.

Calling on the respective shihan's and sensei's of karate clubs and organizations in Baguio City and Benguet: inform all your students enrolled in the eight university members of the latest addition in the BBEAL.

The league is composed of the following schools: Philippine Military Academy, University of the Cordilleras, University of Baguio, Benguet State University, Baguio Central University, Cordillera Career Development College, Saint Louis University, University of the Philippines, and the Pines City College.

With this undertaking, participation and support of all concerned is needed for the success of the demonstration tournament for karate, the fate of the sport to be included as a regular event `in the BBEAL relies on this demonstration, all kind of help and support extended would be vital for this said undertaking.

This milestone will open an avenue not only for those karatekas already in schools but for students who are weighing options on how they could augment their education using their talent in martial arts, many karate players shifted to other martial arts or sports just because karate is not included in the BBEAL and sports is their one great option to have an education.

Karate has been in Baguio earlier than other regions of the country, if I am not mistaken Baguio was the first place in the Philippines that had a representative from the Japan Karate Association in the person of sensei Kunio Sasaki.

The city has also produced so many karate athletes that represented the country in many international competitions since the early 70s or earlier. Like any other martial arts present in the City of Baguio and Benguet, karate proves to be one which athletes from this mountainous region excel in. Natural warrior is what many consider people from Cordillera. Karate serves an avenue for bringing out the warrior in every karateka guided by the principles and discipline of karate as a sport.

The karate demonstration is scheduled on the 23 of January 2009 and not on the 9th as previously scheduled, this is to give tome for the player to recover from the vacation and prepare for the event, it will still be held at the Philippine Military Academy Covered Court. We invite all karate players and enthusiast alike to come and watch the tournament in support for its inclusion in the BBEAL as a regular sport... admission is free.