ASIA'S Pop Idol and Romantic Balladeer Christian Bautista has his own say on the rumored relationship of ex-girlfriend and singer Rachel Ann Go with a band vocalist.

When asked on the news circulating the showbiz circle about Rachel Ann and Callalily vocalist Kian Cipriano, Christian was a bit reluctant to answer the question for he doesn't know the guy personally.

But he said, “Maybe ligawan pa lang, baka dun pa lang kasi kaka-break pa lang nya (maybe they are in the courtship stage because she just came from a break-up).”

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He added: “Kung sila na or nagkakadevelop-an na I think nanliligaw pa lang, I don't know.”

The romantic balladeer said these are all his assumptions and he wasn't able to talk to Rachel personally. He added though that if they see each other, he will ask her.

When asked if their (Rachel) relationship is truly over, Christian said they are still friends.

“Hindi na yung malalalim na love, ano na lang friendship and if ever we hang out its with other champions pero wala ng lovelife (Not the deeper sense of love but we are friends and if ever we hang out its with other champions but we never talk about lovelife),” he said.

But the balladeer said he is not closing his doors.  “I'm not closing any doors pero sometimes malalman mo kung hindi kayo eh, parang kahit ok na kayo hindi parin or may ibang pang friendship lang kahit tinataas mo yung level eh hanggang dun lang (I'm not closing any doors but sometimes you will know that you are really not meant together. Like you were just okay or there's other girl that is just for friendship even though you kept on raising the bar higher).”

Christian meanwhile said he is ready to fall in love again, however can't find the right girl. He added that he's not the kind of guy who will just court a girl just for the sake of having a girlfriend.

The singer furthered that it's the right time to know someone because he wants to get married when he turns 30, which is two years from now.

“I need a girlfriend now to get to know her, her family, and get married by 30 so kung wala akong mameet this year magiging 35 yun (If I can't meet her now then it will be when I turned 35).”

When asked if he has some reservations in terms of getting into a relationship especially that he is in the entertainment business, Christian said there's a way to handle things especially in showbiz.

“You have to be careful especially in showbizness, there are some celebrity couples that their match really get a lot of support from the public some they don't get that support. But that doesn't mean that you will give more priority to your career, you can not talk about it,” he said. “There is a way to handle relationships in showbiz but its not that easy.” (Glaiza Jarloc/Sunnex)