Mike Limpag

Fair play

THERE is one ironic twist in the Cebu City Marathon.

No, it doesn’t involve the iron men and women in it. (OK, that’s really cheesy).

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The Cebu City Marathon came to be because of guys like John Pages, Jesse Taborada, Perl and Meyrick Jacalan and the scores of members of the Cebu Executive Runners Club CERC.

They love running so much that they’d go to other places, even abroad, just to run.

It has also become the mantra of some serious runners on why they joined the CCM.

Muadto man gani ka’g laing lugar para mudagan, why not join Cebu’s own marathon?

That’s why those who went to Macau, Singapore and other places, are here, lacing up for the CCM.

But that, ironically, doesn’t apply to the CERC members.


They are so busy running the Cebu City Marathon to run the Cebu City Marathon.

Which kind of shows what kind of blokes they are.

They work so hard, forego sleep and the rest of the luxuries for the past few months just so Cebu can enjoy a marathon.

Something that they won’t get to.

Ironic, isn’t it?

And the thousands of runners tomorrow can thank them for that.

ARENAS FALLOUT. Everything is falling apart for Gilbert Arenas, the erstwhile Agent Zero of the Washington Wizards who’s worth a cool $116 million.

The NBA has suspended him indefinitely on his 28th birthday and the Wizards are eyeing to rescind his fat contract.

It all started when reports came out that Arenas brought unloaded guns to his locker room, then reports came that he drew one on a teammate.

And while all of that was happening, Agent Zero showed zero character by making fun of all of it.

During one introduction to a game, he even made fun of it.

He “shot” his teammates with his index finger.

That shot came after he already apologized for his lack of judgment since he explained away the report of his drawing a gun against a teammate as a joke.

There is no word yet, from Agent Zero, as to his latest antics, the one where he “shot” his teammates.

NBA commissioner, David Stern, certainly wasn’t laughing.

Stern said he planned to hear Arenas’ side but when he heard about that “shooting incident,” he got so pissed that he decided to axe Arenas, saying the player’s actions

showed he isn’t fit to be on court.

Which is short of saying, “he’s a crazy bloke.”

The Wizards, too, got into the act.

They are deciding whether to dock more fines against Arenas and his teammates.

They also removed a huge banner of Arenas that had the words, “Character, Commitment, Connection,” superimposed on his image, because, clearly, he lacked the first two.

The report of Arenas bringing guns to his locker room came last Christmas, and since then, Agent Zero has goofed off.

But since the Wizards’ homecourt is a designated “gun-free zone” through Washington’s strict gun-control laws, Agent Zero is looking at hefty fines and a jail sentence if he’s convicted.

And at $16-million a year, and with nothing to show for it—Arenas missed the first year of his extended contract due to an injury—Agent Zero is one rabbit the Wizards would gladly get rid of.

Would he still be laughing then?

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