AFTER her five-day stay in Boracay, model Georgina Wilson said no relationship was rekindled with ex-boyfriend/actor Richard Gutierrez.

Sun.Star was able to talk to the British-Filipina model during the shoot of Christian Bautista's music video "Beautiful Girl."

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When asked on how she coped with the intrigues during the time when she and Richard were still together, Georgina said she tried to stay away from it.

“When Richard and I were together I really tried to stay away from any controversy and I never said anything because there weren't so many issues also. We live a peaceful life and it didn't give me any hard time, I was more shy than I am now,” she said.

Georgina added: "I know the truth. I just let it pass. I never felt depressed and everyone has been very nice to me even though I'm not in showbiz, they never said anything bad."

Right now when new girls are linked to Richard, she would often text him and tease him. “I always tease him I just texted him and say, 'Hoy, 'Chard!' then he gets shy and he doesn't answer.”

Georgina also shared that Richard doesn't want to hear anyone else she's dating.

When asked if the relationship was rekindled during their stay in Boracay, Georgina automatically said no and added that Richard will always stay special to her.

“Richard's a very good friend. He's always busy and whenever he's not we do see each other. He'll always stay a special place,” she said. “I'll always love him and I will always love his family, Raymond is the closest person to me, they are like my second family.”

Georgina stayed in Boracay with her family during the time the Gutierrez clan was also in the island.

“He's close to my family, so when we were in Boracay he could be himself and that's a nice thing,” she said.

The model also said that only few really know Richard well and that he's really guarded.

“He's very kind and generous and he's also very shy and a lot of people think they know him but actually they don't. He's very guarded and close to some people.”

Georgina also said that Richard has never been a ladies man. He was just always linked to his leading ladies.

She added that other people was never been an issue why they broke-up.

“We broke up because I don't live here, I'm, I was never here and it was difficult. If you’re long distanced its difficult because you leave each other all the time and it’s difficult to have a shared life together. Physical proximity is very important," she said.

When the entertainment press asked if it was the only reason, she said: “The only reason... I'm not a fan of long-distance affair.”

Georgina has been overseas for quite a while to study. She just earned her double major degree in Accounting and Finance at the University of Sydney.

The lucky lady who is part of Christian Bautista's music video said that she's taking things slow and eyeing all opportunities that come her way.

“I'm enjoying what I am doing now. I have a degree and I have a job in London and I might move there by the end of this year but I always want not to have any regrets in life and say maybe I should have stayed in the Philippines and I should have done this,” she said. (Glaiza Jarloc/Sunnex)