MALACAÑANG on Saturday branded as “standard” the criticisms aired by groups about its controversial unified ID system.

Deputy presidential spokesman Gary Olivar said they are not surprised with the criticisms that center on the government’s collection of information.

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“Of course, that is the standard worry voiced every time we are talking about collection of information by government. That is a standard worry not just in the Philippines but everywhere else. It’s not just the ID but all collection of information,” Olivar said Saturday.

“I’m just asking people to maintain an impartial and balanced view of this,” he added.

The government is due to start implementing in March its ID system, according to Social Security System head Romulo Neri.

Critics have claimed the government will use the information gathered in its ID system to spy on them.

Olivar insisted the government already “properly studied” the matter in terms of benefits the public can get from it.

He said this is the same case with the RFID project of the Land Transportation Office, where he noted at least one jeep group had given its support.

“There are also some public benefits associated with this,” he said. (JMR/Sunnex)