Cecile Angalot

HOW was your Christmas Day?

Did you have fun and laughter?

Were you overjoyed?

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Mine was peaceful, quiet and relaxing; Far different and opposite from my usual day-to-day fast, hurried and stressful living. In the province, my parents dictated my time. I did things according to their schedule, not as I planned it.

This was quite a different lifestyle from what I was used to, but still enjoyable, nonetheless. Spending the holidays with my parents made me appreciate the simple, slow-paced days.

I was not worried with the turning of the hands of time, nor was I worried about reports and deadlines to beat. No client meetings and no sleepless nights over lost accounts. Quite a relief indeed!

So what’s new with me apart from these? This is always the season of reflection and making resolutions for the coming New Year! Like you, I am also preparing my list of the new things I will do and ways to adopt in 2010. But even before I attempt to do it, it is very helpful when I can recollect what happened in 2009.

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2009 was quite an emotional year for me. This year, I really became broken-hearted. For the first time in my life, I truly admired a man. I did not realize it until he, Michael Jackson, passed away. Michael Jackson’s death gave birth to so many realizations in my life, foremost of which is that there is no other thing to do in this Earth except to heal the world and make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human race, as the song goes. Secondly, nothing and no one beats the passion and compassion of loving what you love and doing it till the end (if you’ve got the will to do it).

If MJ did not die entertaining us, I would not have open my eyes to the wonders of his music and dancing. When he died, the passion of reaching out and healing inside and others whom I have hurt came to life inside me. After MJ died, I realized that nothing is more important in this planet other than to overcome our ill feelings and make peace with everyone.

There were many more deaths that followed. The world talked about the death of Pres. Aquino, Rev. Manalo, the Maguindanao massacre, the Ondoy and Pepeng casualties, the Superferry tragedy, and lots of others. Even before Christmas, death did not spare our family. We had a loss, a tragic loss that made us all dumbfounded and truly hurt.

The experience of death in my family and the people around me made me so scared and left me feeling down. I feel numb talking about losing another person whom I personally know or associate with. Its menace creeps into my mind. Each day I wake up, I am bathed in fear of yet another news that someone might be gone too soon.

Last Christmas Day, the priest made a strong point in his homily. He said PASKO is Christ, our Savior coming to our life. He is the One who lifts us up when we have nothing and no one else to hold on. To experience the real PASKO, he said we have to follow Fr. Gerry Orbos’ meaning of pasko: Pasok Kristo into our life, Atras Bisyo day by day, Samba tayo sa Diyos, Kalat Bango not ugly chismis and do it Ora mismo! Since we have PASKO to celebrate, we should fill our thoughts with positive things. We should entrust our lives completely to the Creator. We should not only rely on our self strength and understanding.

So what’s new? This 2010, I will:

• Continue to live, healing my world to make this a better place for you and for me.

• Continue to believe that love for human beings and for mother earth is all that matters in my entire life.

• Believe that all things happen for a reason and with the end result of a greater good.

• That whereas I am limited in my capacity to understand, empathize, even forgive, there is our big  “BRO” who fills what I lack and with Him I can continue to live and learn each day of my life.

• Surrender my fear of death, sad and unfortunate things in my life to the greatest, the Creator of life Himself.

• Keep my faith in a bright tomorrow, and happy and sunny days to come in 2010.

• Continue to learn the sweetest and simplest lessons of life through my kids : Yanna, Yesha and Chubby.

And before I forget, I will add to my list:

• In 2010, I will take a scoop of ice cream every time I’m feeling blue!

How about you? What’s new with you?

Happy holidays and all the best for 2010!