LOCATED in the heart of Davao City is a carwash and auto detailing shop that offers fast and efficient services at a reasonable price to its clients.

Buen Dirtywerx, situated on F. Torres St. and owned and operated by Froilan Dindo Arrojado, offers excellent services through its hardworking and responsible staff and has continually been improving its facilities since the company started operating in the metropolis in November of 2008.

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"When you offer services you really have to be fast and at the same time efficient," Arrojado told Sun.Star Davao.

Arrojado said because of their kind of service, they have earned the trust and confidence of their clients, who are continually patronizing their firm.

The company's services include body wash, engine wash, underchassis, remove/install seat covers, auto detailing, engine detailing, engine detailing, mags and wheel cleaning, degriming, glass cleaning and paint care and reconditioning.

The rates at Buen Dirtywerx ranged from P60, P80, P100 and P120 for large cars, which are considered minimal compared to other car wash companies.

Arrojado said he is also the first one to use soft water in Davao City. Soft water eliminates chlorine from the water being used for cleaning cars to prevent water deposits, according to him.

Aside from this, Buen Dirtywerx likewise introduced a wash base style where cars set for cleaning are being separated by divisions. The firm has four wash bases.

Buen Dirtywerx also has environment-friendly and safe equipment, and maintains a high level of professionalism from the management as the company aims to give utmost satisfaction to the customers.

Arrojado said their customers are the professionals and the yuppies of the community. "They trusted us that they just leave their cars to us and then come back later," he said. Each car wash takes 30 to 45 minutes to finish.

The 39-year-old Arrojado established Buen Dirtywerx Auto Detailing and Carwash out of his passion for cars and with an initial investment of P300,000. He has two regular employees while the rest of the personnel are being paid on commission basis.

Because of the increasing number of clients, Arrojado said he makes it sure to improve his facilities to meet their demands. He is also putting up a coffee shop just above the auto detailing area and construction is almost finished.

"Instead of going somewhere else to have a coffee break while waiting for their cars to be cleaned up, they might as well sip their hot coffee here," Arrojado said.

Buen Dirtywerx is now also open for franchise as it readies itself for nationwide expansion. Arrojado is eyeing Mandaue and Lapu-Lapu in Cebu as his initial target area for expansion.

In the meantime, the company never ceases in giving customers efficient service through its responsible staff. Arrojado said he himself does the washing sometimes.

"People can attest to that," he said.

In Buen Dirtywerx, they have a slogan that says, "We do it the better way." With the kind of service it is giving to clients, the company is living up to its motto, and people with dirty cars know exactly where to go.