ALTHOUGH the two politicians would run for different post in the May 2010 elections in Davao City, vice mayoral bet incumbent Mayor Rodrigo Duterte said his fight is still against mayorable House Speaker Prospero Nograles.

In Sunday's edition of his television program "Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa," Duterte said the people of Davao would have to choose between him and Nograles when casting their votes for the two highest positions in the city.

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This is because, Duterte explained, he will never take his oath of office as vice mayor if his mayor would be Nograles. Nograles is running against incumbent Vice Mayor Sara Duterte, while Mayor Duterte is running against former city mayor Benjamin de Guzman.

"Ug dili ma-mayor akong anak, di nako muhurar. Pamili gihapon mo kung si Roderick Ilong o ako (I will not take my oath if my daughter doesn't make it as mayor. You choose: me or Roderick Ilong)," Duterte said.

Nograles, meanwhile, criticized Duterte for bullying the voters. In his speech during his Christmas party for the media few weeks ago, Nograles questioned Duterte for hitting him when he (Nograles) is not the mayor's opponent in the vice mayoral race.

"Why are you (Duterte) hitting on me when I am not your opponent? Your opponent is Ben de Guzman, dapat si Ben ang tinitira mo at hindi ako," Nograles said.

In a text message Sunday, Nograles said Duterte should quit now if he does not intend to take his oath of office whenever he does not get what he wants from the Dabawenyo voters.

"So why run and presume to win and not take oath or assume? What a guy," Nograles said.

Duterte, in his side, advised the voters on Sunday to ponder on the twin bombing incidents in Sasa in 2003. He said Dabawenyos should remember officials who were at the scene right there and then and who were never there the whole time.

"Sleep on it, ponder on it," Duterte said.

Observers say that if Nograles becomes the mayor and Duterte as vice mayor, it will be a total mayhem. With the composition of the City Council surely to be majority pro-Dutertes, Nograles would have a hard time pushing for his projects' approval from the City Council. (BOT)