HOUSEMATE Sam Pinto, the 19-year-old fashion design student from Paranaque City, is the latest evictee from the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) house.

Minutes before the elimination night, Big Utol finally gave his thumbs up to the housemates for completing their first weekly task this year.

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Monday morning, Big Utol called Sam Pinto and Johan Santos, two of the nominated housemates this week, for their weekly task. The housemates were only given 2,010 minutes to sleep and were divided into two groups wherein they need to do 2,010 uninterupted 'sipas.'

Johan picked Paul Jake Castillo, Hermes Bautista, Tibo Jumalon and Kath Ortega for his group, while Sam took the rest of the housemates who were Mariel Sorino, Melai Cantevanes, Cathy Remperas and Jason Francisco.

The next day, Team Johan immediately worked on the challenge and thought they reached 2,010 sipas. All the housemates were in high spirit with the news without knowing that the human counter, Kath, made a mistake along the way.

Big Utol then gave the housemates another chance to work on their weekly task, this time Johan taking the lead, and were given the opportunity to help 2,010 kids to receive slippers if they successfully pass the challenge.

Big Utol's good news amped the housemates, especially Team Sam, to persevered more to win the challenge.

Jason led Team Sam in reaching the 2,010 'sipas.'

Last Gift

Mariel also received her laptop from Big Utol after completing her task this week.

The mommy housemate from Davao City was tasked to be the pre-school teacher of Melai and Jason's "kid" stuffed toy Dengue and friends.

At first Mariel, was struggling to get the attention of the inanimate students but was able to cope with them through her participatory lectures and games.

In her third and last day of being a housemate teacher, Big Utol asked Mariel to teach her students about the importance of the family.

The topic was close to Mariel's heart after what she'd been through; from giving birth to her child up to the knowledge that her partner has his own family.

Mariel told Big Utol that she enjoyed the experience inside the house.

"When you teach kids, especially in pre-school, you really need to have infinite patience and learning should be fun so that the participation of the kids will be whole," Mariel said.

Cast of 'Tanging Yaman' inside the house

The young stars of "Tanging Yaman," Kapamilya network's opening salvo this 2010, shocked the housemates when they graced the PBB house.

Erich Gonzales, Enchong Dee, Ejay Falcon, Melissa Ricks and Matt Evans with the entire staff and crew of the show fooled the housemates in thinking that a scene for the upcoming teleserye is set to be shot inside the house.

The housemates, who were all in awe when they saw the five leading stars, immediately followed all the instructions given to them and were also very participative when some were asked to be the so-called 'extras' in that particular shoot.

Without knowing that they were also being fooled by Big Utol, Erich, Enchong, Ejay, Melissa and Matt professionally carried on the job. The five were doing fine until the Big boss called them inside the makeshift confession room.

The five, especially Erich and Melissa, were tongue-tied in trying to explain their presence inside the house. Big Utol then asked the boys to leave the confession room and told the two leading ladies that they will be the new housemates.

The two then started to give Big Utol reasons why they cannot stay longer.

"I have a rehearsal, it's my birthday," Melissa said.

Erich then added: "We have a party for Katorse po."

Big Utol then asked Melissa to leave Erich inside the confession room.

"This is just a joke, right? I will leave now," Erich said.

Big Utol then told Erich that he will let her leave if she will laugh while smiling.

The Katorse star then took on the Big Utol's challenge and proved to everyone that she's one face to look forward to in the entertainment industry.

Eviction time

Sam bid her goodbye last night to fellow housemates inside the PBB house as she received the lowest number of save and evict votes.

Sam received a total of 8.64 percent and is on the third spot followed by Johan with 10.19 percent on the second spot and Jason with a total of 34.46 percent leading this week save and evict votes.

This fashion design student who was first perceived by co-housemates to be too reserved and reluctant to mingle or open-up was able to show everyone that she's not just a pretty face.

Though she had her fair share of downtime inside the house, like the Christmas Ball celebration wherein she felt rejected by fellow housemates for she was not asked by any of them to be his date during that special occasion, Sam strived to open-up and perfect her craft inside the house.

This fab fashionista from Paranaque was very confident in facing the outside world when she was welcomed by PBB host Mariel Rodriguez. The latter even told her that she's way prettier in person.

Tears started to pour in when Sam saw her mother with Bianca Gonzales and Toni Gonzaga welcoming her on stage and her sister crying because of her eviction.

When asked by Toni on her greatest learning inside the house, Sam said there's too many for words.

"I became more confident and I feel that I can do whatever I want now," she said. (Glaiza Jarloc/Sunnex)