FIVE companies have expressed interest to enter into partnership with state-run National Power Corp. (Napocor) for the development of renewable energy projects.

Froilan Tampinco, president of Napocor, said the five companies include the Sta. Clara Power Corp., the Korea Electric Power Corp. (Kepco), Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC)-Renewables Corp., Enertine, Clenergen and Pamatec/Vergnet Group.

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Sta. Clara Power Corp is looking at building small hydrolocigal plant, as well as Kepco, while PNOC Renewables is planning to build solar power projects.

Enertine and Clenergen were both interested to put up a biomass project in the country while the Pamatec/Vergnet Group are planning to construct wind and diesel power facilities, Tampinco added.

The Pamatec/Vergnet group-based in France is engaged in the manufacturing, design, markets and installs innovative devices for wind power generation projects.

He said these projects are intended for their Small Power Utilities Group (SPUG).

Napocor is mandated by law to undertake the electrification of areas not connected to the main transmission grid, also referred to as Missionary Areas.

SPUG is committed to bring power as a catalyst for development to the farthest, smallest and remotest areas and islands in the country.

To recall, Napocor is seeking at least P4 billion to fund the rehabilitation, maintenance as well as operations and expansion projects for SPUG. (MSN/Sunnex)