SEXY Star Krista Ranillo once and for all dismissed rumors that she's two months pregnant.

In a television interview, Krista cleared all the intrigues surfacing the entertainment industry for a few weeks now, which was thrown at her.

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The first issue that Krista talked about was the news about her family owning a restaurant in the US that was said to be given by boxing champ Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao. Krista said this issue is definitely not true.

“Wala kaming business. My brother is a chef and they do like catering business pero matagal na nilang ginagawa yun (We don't have a business (restaurant). My brother is a chef and they do catering business but they were doing it for a long time already),” she said. “I heard (they say) we have a restaurant, its not true, definitely not true.”

Krista also reacted on the news linking her to the low turnout of the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) entry "Wapakman."

“It's unfair kasi pag napanood mo naman hindi naman ganun kalaki yung role ko kasi ako yung villian (It's unfair because if you will be able to watch it my role wasn't that big. I played the villain in the movie),” she said.

Krista said she doesn't know why it did not work well in the box office and that before the festival started she was really hoping and praying the movie will be a success.

The young actress also said she doesn't want to blame anyone on the result of the MMFF movie and that she's very proud and no regrets in doing it.

“No regrets because it is a very good project. I was excited to do it, I was proud to be on the set, like I gave my best talaga,” Krista said.

She was also confronted on the news about her recent trip abroad which made a lot of buzz saying that she, and her dog, flew to the US via business class.

“When I work I give it my best, I give it my all and when I earn money nasa saakin naman yun eh how I want to spend it eh, if I want to fly, kasi trinabaho ko naman yun eh,” Krista said.

The sexy actress admitted that her world turned upside-down from all the things coming up and she's hurt not with the news thrown at her but when her family was dragged in the situation.

“I think any other person masasaktan talaga, kasi I said na dibale na ako ang tirahin nyo, pero pag sinasama na yung pamilya ko yun na ang masakit (I think any other person will really be hurt. I said that I don't care if people will say things about me, but when my family was drag in the sitation, that's the time I'm hurting),” she said.

The daughter of actor Matt Ranillo III describes her self as a very patient, very understanding woman, not a war freak, and is happy with simple things.

Krista finally set the record straight and said that she's not pregnant and doesn't know where all these things are coming.

She also denied being in Cebu or to any hospital in Metro Manila.

Prior to her statement, in a separate interview, her manager Arnold Vigafria said that with Krista's schedule right now, she doesn't have the luxury to travel to Cebu.

Krista is also asking everyone to move on and leave everything to 2009 especially that it is a new year, a new decade.

When asked for her message to her detractors, Krista said: “When people say you can't, just say watch me.” (Glaiza Jarloc/Sunnex)