SPRING season is coming and the fashion industry will launch another new trend to fit the season. There will be new things again from hair, clothes, accessories, shoes, make-up, ECT...

Here are some possible colors which might be the trend this spring.

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In hair color, natural colors of dark blonde, blonde and red coating maybe on trend again.

I think it's nice to have light gold, gold or pale copper gold highlights. Avoid ash, dark maroon, dark cooper or purple because they cool down the warm mood of spring.

In our outfits, the colors cream, beige, vanilla, almond, lavender, salmon pink, clear golden yellow, yellow green, coral, gold brown, and light violet. Try to avoid pure white, black and dark gray because they do not match the mood of spring.

For make-up, experiment on colors light green, jade green, beige on your cheeks. Peach pink, apricot and clear orange, red on your lips. Avoid pink foundation and blue gray eye shadow.

Have a soft and tanned skin to match the color of your hair, make-up and outfit.

Have a sunny, bubbly and colorful day!

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