A SINKING ship and rats do not go together. That's at least what city councilors are saying to Hizzoner Peter Reinaldo Bautista Jr. when eight of them left him hanging to defend an agreement with a group of Koreans on the Athletic Bowl issue.

We're not saying the deal is a good one. Neither are we saying the mayor is beyond reproach for this very debatable move. What rankles is how fast the political persona will distance itself from controversies, which may be detrimental to a politician's career.

The Athletic Bowl rehabilitation is just as important as the thousand and more concerns bugging the city government. That is an undeniable fact.

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City officials are doing what they can to resolve the matter as quickly and with as little cash out as possible (it being a multi-million endeavor which cannot be shouldered solely by the city government). In the rush of things, it is quite understandable for slips to happen.

But when our dear councilors say they were changing their minds on the Korean MOA after media and public backlash is very suspect. A girl councilor says, now she was able to consult her constituents. Why didn't she do that before voting in favor for controversial passage of Resolution 515?

Another two suddenly found the light and admitted it was "a mistake" to have given Bautista the authority to enter into a MOA with the Koreans.

Again, did they not study the proposal first before affixing their signatures?

This negligent attitude of our honorable councilors is getting to be very tiresome. How many times in the recent past have our dear councilors backtracked from controversial matters after giving their imprimature?

Countless of times.

They are like rats in a sinking ship they cannot stand by their decision whenever the public tide goes against the contentious issue.

The Baguio electorate is tired of wishy-washy leaders. Baguio does not need leaders who will consult the constituency only after the opinion goes against a measure.

Baguio deserves leaders who are proactive and not reactive. Baguio needs leaders who know what they are doing long before the wave of public opinion is seen at the horizon. Baguio insists on leaders who can stick to their beliefs even when the ship happens to be the Titanic.