CEBU Vice Gov. Greg Sanchez’s privilege speech made it to this paper’s banner headline yesterday, not for its contents but for his failure to deliver it for an “unplanned” lack of quorum in the Provincial Board last Monday.

Well, that’s good enough treatment for an undelivered speech.

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Who knows this one may land in a book of undelivered speeches.


Greg’s undelivered speech, titled “In defense of an Institution,” would have brought up what he called the “tyranny” of Gov. Gwen Garcia and such issues as the P5 south

bus terminal fee and the rehiring of 56 Capitol casual workers.

If it’s true there’s tyranny of Gov. Gwen, he may never be able to deliver that speech.


Greg Sanchez, who is running for reelection against businessman Glenn Soco, Gov. Gwen’s running mate, gave only teasers of his speech.

He is frustrated for not being able to deliver it, but said he can do it some other Monday.

So, he’s not expecting more “unplanned” lack of quorum in the PB.


Cebu City Hall sends for the first time a float entry in the Sinulog grand parade on Sunday, highlighting the South Road Properties (SRP).

City Hall workers aboard the float will be wearing shirts printed with the words “SRP Suya Ra ang Probinsya.”

It’s City Hall’s cheap stunt to use the Sinulog to taunt Capitol.


Mayor Tommy Osmeña said opposition leader Atan Guardo’s allegations that City Hall tried to stop his distribution of relief goods to Calamba fire victims was part of a

“pattern of deception and lies.”

Suing Atan, he said, will help clear everything.

Yes, everything will be clear long after the elections are over.


Sen. Manny Villar cut Sen. Noynoy Aquino’s lead in the presidential race down to 11 percent, according to a recent Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey.

Villar’s rating rose by six points to 33 percent, while Aquino’s rating fell two points to 44 percent.

Is Cory’s magic waning?


Sen. Villar says the next president should not have an on the job training (OJT) and must know what to do once he sits in office, referring to the inexperienced Noynoy.

He who gets elected president gets the job, OJT or no OJT.