Z GORRES is getting closer to his dream.

After more than two months of confinement at the University Medical Center Hospital in Las Vegas following a career-ending head injury, the ALA fighter is close to being reunited with his kids he hasn’t seen since he left for the US last year.

“We are looking at him returning here by mid-February.

However, it isn’t yet sure but it’s a big possibility,” ALA Promotions president Michael Aldeguer told Sun.Star Cebu in an interview yesterday.

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Gorres, 27, underwent another head surgery last Monday, his second since an emergency brain surgery to clear a blod clot after his Nov. 14 fight with Luis Melendez.

Last Monday, the part of his cranium that was removed to alleviate the swelling in his brain last Nov. 14, was reattached.

“We’re looking at three weeks for him to recover and undergo rehab. Then, he will be evaluated again before deciding if he is fit to return here. Hopefully there will be no complications,” said Aldeguer.


Gorres suffered a subdural hematoma on the left side of his brain after his final fight in Las Vegas. It came after a one-sided unanimous victory over Melendez.

If Gorres is healthy enough to return to the Philippines in February., Aldeguer feels that he would be better off continuing his rehabilitation in Cebu City, wherein he will be close to his wife, Datches, and his four kids, Dheybert, 7, Shayla Dhey, 5, Zhey, 3, and Khodhey, five months.

According to Aldeguer, there has been huge improvement in Gorres’s health.

He can now talk, though in whispers. He can also eat by himself and sit down. Aldeguer also said that the affected part of Gorres’s body—his left side—has also shown signs of development because it can move slightly.

The promoter also said their family will support Gorres all the way, whatever he decides on doing after he fully recovers.

“Z has always been a part of the ALA family. He is a great fighter and a great person. Let’s see what he wants to do,” he said.

Aldeguer feels that Gorres is capable of doing a lot of things off the ring--like becoming a trainer or being a part of a promotional company.

“Z is very intelligent and well-respected by his fellow boxers. There are so many things up for him.”