Frank 'Boy' Pestaño


PLAYING chess has similar strategies when it comes to picking up girls. You need to know what to do during the opening to attract her attention. For many men, picking up girls is a daunting task. However, with the right skills and a little bit of practice, almost anyone can master it.

Don’t think that you can pick up girls only in a bar or during parties. They’re on the street, in a store, in class, everywhere you go. Just go out into the world and pay closer attention.

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OPENING. Just like in chess, in order to gain the respect of your opponent, dress in a presentable manner. Dress in clothes that are clean and stylish. The better you look, the more confident you’ll feel, and that will go a long way toward helping you get what you want.

Initiate eye contact with the girl. Smile a little (not too much) or nod your head in her direction to send a message that you’re interested. If she smiles back, wait a few minutes and walk over to introduce yourself.

MIDDLE GAME. Once you get past the opening, you must gain control of the position as in a chess board, or control of the situation when conversing with the girl. You want the girl’s total attention to be on you all the time.

Be brief and don’t talk too much with long sentences. Flirt with her a bit.

Be calm. Girls know why you come up to talk to them. They may not be paying attention to what you’re saying, but rather how you are saying it. For instance, she may look at you if you have confidence. Are you comfortable?

A really pretty girl has people telling her all the time how hot she is, how cute she is, how nice she is. And she’s gotten used to empty compliments. Refrain from comments on her appearance.

Don’t fake and just be you. She wants you to treat her like an old friend. Most women appreciate conversation that sounds sincere and relaxed.

Challenge her with witty banter that will keep her interest piqued about you. Showing off your sense of humor is also a great way to keep the conversation from going stale too quickly.

You need to find some kind of common ground, hard as it may be.

As in a chess game, be observant. Try to not fall into the interview technique (asking things like: What do you do? Where do you live? Where did you go to school?)

END GAME. After a few minutes, if you’re having a good time, cut things off on a high note, and ask for her number, preferably her cell phone. Say that you’re having a

great time, but you need to get back to your friends. If she is hesitant, ask for her e-mail address instead. Be assertive but refrain from acting rude if she turns you down.

If she says she doesn’t want to give you her number, you can joke with her and say that you promise to only call her 50 times a day, but that’s all.

Text her as you’re leaving the venue, and then call her the next day. You don’t have to text or call her every day, especially in the beginning.

Checkmate is not easy and will take some time.

RESULTS. Here are the final results at the Barangay Captain’s Cup in San Roque, Talisay City last Jan. 9. The champion was Cathysienne Tabora and runners-up were Desiree Balmori, Joseph Acosta, Kristine Malacay, and Fashene Ivy Labajo.

Sponsors were Atty. Jongjong Merlendez, Jun Olis and Mandy Baria of Cepca.

In the Kiddies tournament at Barangay Apas last weekend, Kyle Sevillano won all his six games to dominate the tourney. Runners-up were Allan Pason, Jhoronnie Gayl Bontes and Felix Shaun Balbona.

BIRTHDAY. My favorite niece Apple Montes recently celebrated her 18th birthday at Handuraw Lahug last Jan. 10. She is the only child of my sister Lourdes and my drinking buddy Antonio “Jun” Montes.

How time flies! I can still remember when she was just a little girl.