THERE is no reason for law-abiding citizens to worry about their safety in the city, said Cebu City Police Office Director Patrocinio Comendador.

The city police director made the assurance yesterday after two men—a suspected pickpocket and a man facing a drug-related case—were summarily executed earlier this week.

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“There is no cause for law-abiding citizens in the city to be afraid. One less criminal in the street, the better for the public,” he said.

Comendador, however, clarified that he is not condoning the killing of suspected criminals. He said he is against summary executions and that the accused should be given their day in court.

At 3:59 p.m. last Wednesday, Raul C. Dadang, 33, a native of Lanao del Norte who lived on B. Rodriguez St., Sambag II, was gunned down by two motorcycle-riding men just as the cab he was riding stopped for a red light on Osmeña Blvd. in Barangay Kalubihan.

Comendador said he directed the Homicide Section and the Investigation and Detective Management Branch (IDMB) to look for witnesses at the scene of the shooting.

The attack on Dadang happened two days after suspected pickpocket Richard Mañala, 40, from Isabela, Basilan, was killed near the port area in Barangay Carreta.

Two of the eight slugs that hit Dadang also hit taxi driver Joar C. Miranda, 24, in the right thigh and in the right elbow.

Miranda was taken to the Cebu City Medical Center (CCMC).

The three people, including a woman, who were with Dadang in the cab were not injured. They reportedly fled after the killing.

Police recovered eight empty shells of a .45 pistol and two slugs at the scene.


Dadang was pronounced dead on arrival at the CCMC.

The investigation of the Homicide Section revealed that Dadang had just posted bail from a drug-related case filed against him by the IDMB.

He was on his way to the Pasil area when the ambush took place.

IDMB Chief George Ylanan told reporters they arrested Dadang during a checkpoint last Sunday.

Dadang’s initial violation was for keeping an ice pick. When he was frisked, Dadang yielded drug-sniffing paraphernalia.

Both Ylanan and Comendador believed that members of Dadang’s group killed him for squealing to the police.

“They have this code of silence,” Comendador said.

Ylanan said Dadang had told the police about the pension house on Pelaez St. where his companions reportedly stayed.

Ylanan said a team of police operatives went to the room but the group had already fled.

He said Dadang gave them the names of his companions. Police are currently monitoring them, he said. (JTG)