MAY Gov. Gwen Garcia dance at the Sinulog when, according to critics, she hasn't done enough for the environment?

"Cultivate peace, protect creation," says Pope Benedict XVI's World Day of Peace message, a theme that resonates in this year's religious and cultural festivity in Cebu.

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But since when has one's feat in tackling environment problems or other woes been made a condition for Sinulog dancing?

Sinulog is a tribute to the Holy Child that hasn't required skill or virtue from the performer. The candle dancer at the Basilica isn't checked about credentials before she can move feet and wave hands in prayer to an imagined beat of drums.

OK, Gwen can do more for the environment than most other dancers. She wields power and privilege that others don't.

But if what they've done for the environment is requisite for public officials, none would qualify, not even Margot Osmeña who has totally committed energy to husband Tommy and the street-children but isn't known for some shred of passion to remove filth and stink of the Inayawan landfill.

Who has worked adequately to protect God's creation? Content can't be claimed even by environment advocates whose perpetual whining is that people aren't doing enough for the cause.

Pushing advocacy

It's silly to push advocacy by questioning devotees' right to pay homage to the Santo Niño. There are other forums where one can assail Gwen's success or failure in governance.

Besides, whatever the prayer, any question of piety or fakery is a matter between the offeror and God. Let Gwen, Margot, or anyone else dance. Pit Senyor!