KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- The US warned its citizens Friday that criminals and terrorists could be plotting attacks on foreigners in an eastern Malaysian state on Borneo island.

"There are indications that both criminal and terrorist groups are planning or intend acts of violence against foreigners in eastern Sabah, notwithstanding the government of Malaysia's increased ability to detect, deter and prevent such attacks," according to a travel advisory posted on the Web site of the US Embassy in Kuala Lumpur.

The advisory noted that al-Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf militants based in the southern Philippines, which is a short boat ride from Sabah, have kidnapped foreigners from Sabah's secluded resort areas in the past.

It urged Americans to "avoid or use extreme caution" in connection to travel plans to those areas.

Police officials contacted in Sabah said they were not immediately aware of the advisory and declined to comment. (AP)