A VAST number of people will walk the festive streets of Metro Cebu once again today and tomorrow. And make no mistake about it; with all the walking involved, most folks will be starving.

So if we got that right (a lot of hungry people walking long distances), then it’s a good thing that the charcoal is burning on a grill beside the street, and not on the street itself.

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Yes, people. This weekend, nothing beats good “Sinulog street food.” From the classic barbeques, the innovative hotdog stands, to the ever-present stalls selling deep-fried treats (one even with a local version of Japanese cuisine known as tempura), food will fill almost every block of Jones Ave.

But how do you know exactly what to order or where to eat? Of course, besides relying on your innate abilities to discern between the intricate balance of quantity and quality when it comes to street food, there are sure signs already beaming for us to see.

Like price for one. If it fits your budget, then it’s as good as a go. Because then again, how much can a vendor overcharge you for a stick of pork barbeque without becoming too obvious, right? The true-blue Cebuano should be able to know. But it’s not all about budget; check the quality as well.

There’s also variety. Sure, some of these hole-in-the-wall places don’t have menus to give you. But a quick look at their offerings can be as equally effective in enticing you as well.

Everybody has his or her favorite food. But not every food spot can offer everything. So be adventurous. If you pick the right barbeque spot, they may also offer your favorite siomai.

If you’re not as starved as the rest of the pack, there are “squid balls, tempura, and kwek-kwek” (deep fried quail eggs in batter). These are deep-fried and ready to eat right off the pan.

And let’s say you don’t really want to take in something heavy but still feel the need to munch on something, then try on some roasted peanuts. These are either plain, salted, or sugar-coated. There’s also popcorn that comes in cheese and (back to the old favorite) barbeque flavor.

So the options are truly limitless. And we’re not even talking about the drinks yet. But with all that we’ve tackled so far, be sure to make this weekend one simple yet fun “feet and food trip.” Pit Señor!