ASIDE from targeting a 20-percent growth this year, the Subdivision and Housing Developers Association (SHDA) 7 plans to tie up with the other industry players to further help the local economy.

“The housing sector is said to have a multiplier effect, but how can we fully say it if we don’t also see its effects on other industry players?” said Rey Ralota, president of SHDA 7 in an interview last Wednesday.

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He said it is important to tap other players especially now that the housing sector relies much on importing raw materials.

“High prices of local materials are giving us (developers) no option but to import,” he said. “Cebu produces a high quality of raw materials necessary for housing. If we can tie up with the other industry players not only will the housing sector benefit but other industry players too,” he said.

SHDA 7 is looking at tapping the furniture industry.

Furniture is needed in housing. We encourage the industry to export their products at the same time allot resources for the local users, Ralota said.

SHDA 7 developed 3,000 housing units last year, resulting in a 17-percent growth in the housing sector.

Aside from tapping the industry players, SHDA 7 will also host a housing summit tentatively scheduled in May.

“Environment concerns and issues are the main focus of the summit. Recycling and solid waste management are some matters to be highlighted,” he said.

SHDA 7 also projects a 20-percent growth this year, Ralota added.